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01.05.2020 19:30

Damir Imamović Quartet in London for the first time

St. Luke's Church, Barbican, London United Kingdom

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A rare UK appearance from celebrated Bosnian musician performing music from his upcoming record with his new quartet.

A form of Balkan blues music, with shared roots with Portugese fado and Greek rebetiko, Sevdah literally means ‘beautiful sadness’ and is the folk music of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finding a renewed interest in the genre from younger audiences, Imamović is a trailblazer, imbueing his Sevdah sound with constant cooperations with musicians from many different styles.

Performing here with bassist Greg Cohen – who has worked with the likes of Tom Waits and Ornette Coleman; one of Turkey's premium kemenche players, Derya Türkan and virtuoso Sevdah violin player Ivana Đurić, this new project sees Imamović exploring a richer sound as he continues to forge new directions for this traditional form.